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Fizazi, K., et al. (1998) Initial management of primary mediastinal seminoma: Radiotherapy or cisplatin-based chemotherapy? European Journal of Cancer, 34, 347-352.


  • 标题: 伴体细胞型的纵膈恶性畸胎瘤病例报告Type with Somatic Cell Malignant Mediastinal Teratoma:A Case Report

    作者: 张博, 曹炜, 黄忠连, 陈振东

    关键字: 恶性畸胎瘤, 体细胞, 综合治疗Malignant Mediastinal Teratoma; Somatic Cell; Interdisciplinary Treatment

    期刊名称: 《Asian Case Reports in Oncology》, Vol.3 No.1, 2014-01-06

    摘要: 纵膈恶性畸胎瘤是占位于纵膈内的一种未分化成熟的畸胎瘤,临床上较少见。此类病患主要以胸闷,气短等因占位压迫邻近器官造成的症状为主诉。在影像学表现上很难与良性纵膈畸胎瘤区分,也不易与纵膈内其他常发肿瘤鉴别如胸腺瘤,支气管囊肿等。通过侵袭性检查(手术、穿刺活检)可明确,并在病理检验后确诊具体类型。近十年内有关纵膈恶性畸胎瘤的报告较少,特别是伴体细胞型的纵膈恶性畸胎瘤,其恶性程度高,治疗效果较差,病患预后不良,生存期很短。本病例报道一例伴体细胞型的纵膈恶性畸胎瘤,借此讨论此类肿瘤的综合治疗方案。 Malignant mediastinal teratoma is an undifferentiated mature teratoma, which is located in the mediastinum. In clinical, it is very rare in China. Such patients mainly had chest tightness, shortness of breath for space-occupying and oppression symptoms caused by adjacent organs as chief complaints. By image, it is hard to distinguish benign or malignant mediastinal teratoma, also not easy to identify with other recurrent tumors in mediastinum, such as thymoma and bronchial cyst. It can be well determined for tumor types by invasive examination (surgical excision or biopsy), pathology inspection. In 10 years, there are very few clinical reports about the mediastinal malignant teratoma in China, especially the malignant mediastinal teratoma with somatic cell type, which is of high malignant degree. Patients’ prognosis is poor with a short progression-free survival period. By reporting a case of malignant mediastinal teratoma with somatic cell type, we discuss the interdisciplinary treatment for such disease.