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B. N. Bonnett, A. Egenva II and P. Olson. Mortality in insured Swedish dogs: Rates and causes of death in various breeds. Veterinary Research, 1997, 141(2): 40-44.


  • 标题: 犬颈下皮肤组织细胞瘤1例A Case of Canine Cutaneous Histiocytoma under Neck Skin

    作者: 康静静, 周向梅, 赵德明

    关键字: 组织细胞瘤, 皮肤, H&E染色Histiocytoma; Skin; H&E Stain

    期刊名称: 《Asian Case Reports in Veterinary Medicine》, Vol.2 No.2, 2013-04-17

    摘要: 报告1例犬颈下皮肤组织细胞瘤病例。患病动物为7岁雄性斗牛犬,发现颈下皮肤包块一个多月后送医就诊。经手术切除肿块后固定送检,常规H&E染色后,组织学检查结果发现肿块内有大量肿瘤细胞成分,多为成纤维样细胞和组织细胞样细胞,部分肿瘤细胞团块间散在分布有充满血液的窦状腔隙,但是无内皮细胞包围,某些肿瘤细胞内有含铁血黄素沉积。诊断为皮肤组织细胞瘤。 A case of canine cutaneous histiocytoma under neck skin is reported. A 7-year-old male bulldog was present- ed with a firm subcutaneous nodule under neck skin for more than 1 month. Histopathological examination showed masses of tumor cells consisting of fibroblast- and histiocyte-like cells containing haemosiderin, and there were multi- focal areas of irregular cavities in the masses full of red cells without endothelial lining. These findings were consistent with all histiocytoma.