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Hefener, A.R. (2002) Analytical modeling of device-circuit interactions for power insulated gate bipolar transistor (IGBT). IEEE Transactions on Industry Application, 26, 995-1005.


  • 标题: IGBT参数建模与仿真分析The Parametric Model and Simulation Analysis of IGBT

    作者: 耿涛, 曹文明

    关键字: 绝缘栅型晶体管(IGBT), 故障检测, 寿命, 可靠性IGBT Module, Fault Detection, Lifetime, Reliability

    期刊名称: 《Computer Science and Application》, Vol.4 No.7, 2014-07-31

    摘要: 本论文首先在对IGBT的结构,工作原理以及特性进行深入分析的基础上,利用matlab/simulink软件搭建IGBT的简化模型;其次对IGBT失效问题进行理论分析,分别从IGBT失效因素,失效机理等方面进行深入分析、总结与探讨;再次根据仿真结果验证由于IGBT工作环境等因素影响使其不断受到电热冲击,导致模块内部键合线发生蠕动,芯片内部产生疲劳裂痕,最终导致失效的结论,从而建立起能够预测IGBT寿命的模型。In this paper, based on the analysis of the structure and work principle and characteristics of IGBT, the simplified model of IGBT by matlab/simulink is built. The problems of the IGBT failure are analyzed theoretically from the perspectives of IGBT failure factors and failure mechanism, re-spectively. According to simulation results, it was verified that IGBT is subjected to constant electric shocks due to work environment, etc., then, module internal bonding wire begins to creep and fatigue cracks occur, which eventually lead to failure. Thus, the model can be used to predict the lifetime of the IGBT.