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  • 标题: 基于PRED协调的青海互助北山国家地质公园发展初探Based on PRED Coordination of the Huzhu Beishan Mountain National Geopark Development in Qinghai Province

    作者: 周淑敏, 张文, 胡夏嵩, 朱海丽

    关键字: 互助北山, 国家地质公园, PRED, 发展Huzhu Beishan Mountain, National Geopark, PRED, Development

    期刊名称: 《Advances in Geosciences》, Vol.4 No.4, 2014-08-28

    摘要: 青海互助北山国家地质公园位于青藏高原和黄土高原的过渡带,地质遗迹丰富多样,是生态环境的重要组成部分。地质公园建设要立足公园实际系统配套开发,在保护地质遗迹的同时,要做到协调可持续发展。本文以PRED协调理论为指导,从互助北山国家地质公园实际出发,对其辖区人口、管理机构和地质资源现状进行研究,指出要充分调动人的积极性,科学管理、整合资源,要与所属区域的经济、社会、环境协调发展,公园发展才会更加合理,最终带动区域的协调发展。The transition belt of the huzhu Beishan Mountain national Geopark is located in the Tibetan pla-teau and the Loess plateau in Qinghai province, with a rich variety of geological heritage and is an important part of ecological environment. Geological park construction should be based on the park’s reality, at the same time, geological relics should be protected and the coordinated and sustainable development should be achieved. This paper is based on the PRED coordination theory and practice of the huzhu Beishan Mountain national Geopark, studies the jurisdiction population, management institutions and geological resources to fully arouse the enthusiasm of people, scien-tific management and integration of resources, and belongs to the region economic, social and en-vironmental development, then the park development will be more reasonable, and promote the coordinated development of region finally.