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黎熙元 (2010) 60年来港人身份之惑. 文化纵横, 6, 116-121.


  • 标题: 析香港国民身份教育的困难Analyzing the Difficulties of National Identity Education in Hong Kong

    作者: 胡少伟

    关键字: 国民身份教育, 香港的国民教育, 香港公民教育National Identity Education, National Education in Hong Kong, Civic Education in Hong Kong

    期刊名称: 《Advances in Education》, Vol.4 No.5, 2014-09-26

    摘要: 香港于1997年7月1日回归祖国,成为以一国两制原则运作的一个特别行政区,港人的国籍身份一夜间由英国(海外)转变成为中国香港。培育学生乐于接受其中国香港国民身份,成为了香港教育界的一个新课题。随着教改的推动,特区政府于2001年提出“培养学生的国民身份认同”为课程宗旨之一,并明确这是“德育与公民教育”内五个核心价值之一。但按近年多份本地调查结果和学者研究,香港青少年对中国香港的国民身份认同程度依然偏低;特区政府于2010年《施政报告》中提出设立《德育及国民教育科》,却引起了2012年暑期的反国教风波。此文的目的是回顾和分析香港推行国民身份教育的困难,并就日后加强香港的国民身份教育作出一些建议。Since the reunion on July 1, 1997 to the mainland China, Hong Kong has become a Special Admin-istrative Region of People’s Republic of China (PRC) under the principle of “One Country, Two Sys-tems”. The nationality of Hong Kong people was transformed from the UK (Overseas) into HKSAR (China) in one night. Nurturing students’ willingness to accept their Chinese Hong Kong national identity has become a new topic of the education sector in Hong Kong. In educational reform, the SAR Government in 2001 announced that “understand their national identity” is one of the seven learning goals of the school curriculum in Hong Kong, and made it clear that it is one of the five priority values and attitudes in the “Moral and Civic Education”. But according to recent findings and researches from scholars, Hong Kong youth remains low in the degree of accepting their na-tional identity. SAR Government in “Policy Address 2010” proposed the establishment of the sub-ject “Moral and National Education” which has caused anti-national education campaign in summer of 2012. The purpose of this article is to review and analyze the difficulties in the implementation of national identity education in Hong Kong and to make recommendations on the national identity education in the future.