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民国《长汀县志》卷5《城市志》, 长汀县印刷厂印, 1983年重刊, 第一册, 第41页.


  • 标题: 从培田古村落的楹联浅析客家精神Analysis on the Hakka Spirit Based on Peitian Ancient Village’s Couplets

    作者: 张自永

    关键字: 培田, 楹联, 客家精神Peitian, Couplets, Hakka Spirit

    期刊名称: 《Advances in Social Sciences》, Vol.3 No.4, 2014-12-16

    摘要: 楹联作为可以传承的文化遗产,其价值不仅体现在韵律、意象等文学价值,更重要的是其内在的文化价值、精神形态和所反映的社会价值。培田古村落丰富多彩的楹联,集中反映了培田人的心理意识和人文形态,是浓缩版本的培田精神文化史,也是培田人生存和生活的集体智慧的结晶。其中的大部分,对优秀传统文化的保存与传承有着重要意义,这也与建设和谐社会的理念不谋而合,可以为社会主义新农村的建设提供有益的范本。Couplet is a type of cultural heritage. Its value is not only reflected on literary merits, such as rhythm, imagery, etc., more importantly, on its intrinsic cultural values, spiritual formation and social values. The couplets of Peitian ancient village reflect the people’s psychology and awareness. They are not only the concentrated history of Peitian’s spirit and culture, but also the crystallization of collective wisdom about people’s survival and life. Most of them have great significance for the excellent preservation of traditional culture and heritage, which also coincides with the idea of building a harmonious society; this can provide a perfect template for building a new socialist countryside.