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Allen C W. Astrophysical Quantities. London: The Athlone Press, 1973, 140-141


  • 标题: 太阳在红巨星阶段对8个大行星轨道改变的估计Estimation for the Change of Eight Planets’ Orbits in the Sun’s Red Giant Phase

    作者: 李林森

    关键字: 红巨星阶段, 太阳质量流失, 8个大行星轨道改变Phase of Red Giant, Solar Mass-Loss, Change of Orbits of Eight Planets

    期刊名称: 《Astronomy and Astrophysics》, Vol.2 No.3, 2014-12-18

    摘要: 本文利用变质量二体问题给出了当太阳到达红巨星阶段时8个大行星轨道改变的情况。太阳在红巨星阶段由于星风和光子辐射使得太阳质量流失造成了8个行星轨道的改变。估计了那时8个行星轨道离太阳的距离和周期。距离太阳越远,轨道半长轴扩大率越大而周期越长。可以推论;由于太阳风造成的太阳质量流失对行星轨道的改变影响在红巨星阶段比在主序阶段较大。估计的数值结果列入表1。最后做了讨论和推论。This paper examines the change of eight major planets’ orbits in the sun’s red giant phase (RCB). In that time the changes of orbits of major planets are given by the problem of two-body with variable mass. The solar mass-loss due to solar wind and photo-radiation results in the change of orbits of eight major planets. The change for distance from the sun and orbital periods of eight planets has been estimated. The farther the distance from the sun is, the larger the rate of enlargement of semi major axes and periods will be. It is concluded that the influence of solar mass-loss due to solar wind upon the change of orbits of major planets on the phase of red giant is larger than that on the main sequence. The estimated results are list in Table 1. Discussion and conclusions are drawn.