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李时珍 (1977) 本草纲目(校点本). 人民卫生出版社, 北京, 1383(2).


  • 标题: 不同培养基配方对美花石斛生根培养的影响Effect of Different Culture Medium Formulas on Dendrobium loddigesii Rolfe Root Culture

    作者: 周路, 罗国庆, 扬风, 汪建华, 王自布

    关键字: 石斛, 组织培养, 生根培养, 美花石斛Dendrobium Stem, Tissue Culture, Root Growth, Dendrobium loddigesii Rolfe

    期刊名称: 《Advances in Microbiology》, Vol.4 No.1, 2015-03-09

    摘要: 目的:为美花石斛种苗的规模化生产提供理论依据。方法:以将继代培养的美花石斛长至0.2~0.6 cm左右的丛生芽分割外植体,分别转入不同的培养基中。研究MS培养基浓度,激素(NAA)浓度对美花石斛组培苗生根的影响。结果:MS培养基的浓度对美花石斛组培苗生根影响较大,组培苗在1/2 MS培养基中有明显的促进作用。在培养基中添加激素(NAA)对美花石斛组培苗生根有很大的促进作用,随着激素(NAA)浓度的增加,组培苗生根率越高,当NAA增加到0.7 mg/L时达到86%,再增高会出现生长缓慢,叶变枯黄。结论:当培养基配方为1/2MS + 0.7 mg/L时,美花石斛组培苗生根及生长效果最佳。Objective: The effect of different culture medium formulas on Dendrobium loddigesii root culture was studied to provide theoretical basis for the standardization production. Method: We investi-gated the effect of media components on the induction of shoot regeneration for different types of explants to research the effect on taking root for Dendrobium loddigesii. Results: The media com-ponents have a great influence on taking root. And 1/2 MS medium can obviously promote rooting. And with the increasing of NAA, the rooting rate rises. But when the NAA increased to 0.7 mg/L, and the rooting rate reached 86% and then increased again, there will be a slow growth with the leaves turning yellow. Conclusion: The best culture medium formula is 1/2 ms + 0.7 mg/L NAA for Dendrobium loddigesii to take root and grow.